That Dry Hit, Burnt taste!!!

That Dry Hit, Burnt taste!!!

If you have only recently stopped smoking and made the switch to vaping, you may still feel a little overwhelmed by all there is to learn about your new activity of choice. It’s true that a more advanced vape mod will require a little know-how – but once you’re comfortable with it, it’s completely worth it. One thing that you might run into as a new vaper is the surprising sensation of taking a puff of your vape, only to draw in a lungful of unpleasant, burnt-tasting vapour. The good news is that this burnt taste doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with your device – or with vaping in general.

What causes the burnt taste?

The answer to this question given by experienced vapers is typically, “You’ve burnt your coils.” However, the more accurate answer is that you’ve actually burnt the wick ( the cotton / wick wrapped around your coils ). A few reasons that this might occur include:

  • Your coils were not primed. When you get a new coil, it’s important to prime it, or allow the wick to become saturated for a few minutes before use. You need to wet the wick completely with e-liquid before vaping because dry cotton, of course, burns. When your coil is new or hasn’t been used in a while, be sure that the wick is completely soaked through.
  • You didn’t allow enough time. Besides neglecting to prime your coil at all, not waiting long enough is another common reason that your first hit may taste burnt. It’s essential that you leave plenty of time for your wick the become fully saturated with e-juice before using. Otherwise, air pockets within the wick will remain, allowing these parts to burn and – naturally – for the vapour that you inhale to taste burned as well.
  • You’re vaping at too-high wattage. This mistake can cost you your coils or, at a minimum, cause yours to become temporarily burnt and require a good cleaning. (Touch screens can be particularly problematic, as they are easy to accidentally “touch” and change the settings.) Get into the habit of checking your vape to ensure that you haven’t accidentally turned the wattage up too high before using.
  • You don’t keep your tank full. Your coil head has little wicking holes or ports on the sides – and you should avoid letting these ports be exposed if you want to avoid that burnt taste. Repeatedly allowing your ports to be exposed will reduce the life of your coil and its wick. If you’ve been vaping with an empty tank, prime your coils and refill – then keep your tank full in the future and never let the level of e-liquid drop too low.

These are a few common causes of the dreaded burnt taste or dry hit. Fortunately, it isn’t a major problem, especially if you’re careful to keep a supply of new coils on hand. With experience, you’ll learn to recognise the signs of a burnt coil and take the appropriate action, whether that means giving your coil a good cleaning or replacing it altogether.

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