New to Vaping And Wondering Where to Start?

New to Vaping And Wondering Where to Start?

What Happens When You Switch From Smoking?

Some may believe that after many years of smoking, the health benefits of quitting can’t be that great and the damage has already been done. However, that is simply not the case. The health benefits from quitting smoking start almost as soon as you quit! In fact, according to the NHS, after just 8 hours, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood can be reduced to half. After 3 days, your sense of taste/smell will be much keener, you’ll be able to breathe easier. Amazingly, after one year, your chances of a heart attack will no longer be twice as high.

When cravings ramp-up

After 3 days of quitting, many people will experience high nicotine craving levels. This can be especially difficult if you quit without help, which is known as cold-turkey. Staying determined and persevering can be hard, however there are fortunately now a wide variety of effective support methods to help you quit smoking for good. First and foremost, always trust in your support network; friends and family are a great source of emotional comfort, no matter how you choose to quit.

Beat those cravings

A great way to beat those pesky cravings is to replace your nicotine intake. Nicotine itself isn’t as harmful as other chemicals found in cigarettes, making it much safer to continue consuming by itself. There are many nicotine replacement therapies available, including vaping, skin patches and gums to name a few. Using one or a combination of these can go a long way to help reduce or even alleviate your cravings altogether. 

Vaping can help you quit smoking

Alongside replacing nicotine intake, vaping can be a very helpful method for those quitting smoking for a number of reasons. Vaping offers a similar action to smoking, and according to PHE, those who use e-cigarettes are twice as likely to quit smoking. This is because many vape kits are designed to behave similarly to cigarettes. Better still, some e-liquids are available in tobacco flavourings, helping smokers to easily replace the familiar taste of cigarettes. 

The benefits of quitting smoking 

However you choose to quit smoking and regardless of how long you have been smoking for, the benefits of stopping are hugely rewarding for both your physical and mental health. If you're able to make it to 3-9 months smoke free, you will begin to take deeper, clearer breaths, and any coughing that arises from this point will actually help to clear your lungs.

9 months free is key

After 9 months free from smoking, you'll have every chance of never smoking again. After 1 year, your chance of heart disease will have halved since smoking, and after 5 years, your chances of cervical cancer and stroke are now the same as a non-smoker. After 15 years, your body will have undergone a tremendous amount of healing, and the chances of heart disease will be the same as if you’d never smoked.

Medical effects of vaping
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