How Do I Choose My First e-cigarette?

How Do I Choose My First e-cigarette?

Choosing your first e-cigarette may seem like a daunting task at first, as there is a lot of new jargon to wrap your head around. However, it really is not as confusing as it seems, and hopefully we can make the world of e-cigarettes a bit simpler for you. To get starter, it helps to know what the main types of vaping devices are:

Pod Kits

Diagram of vape pod kit

Pod kits are simple, lightweight devices which offer an experience closer to a cigarette. They are easily filled by simply pouring e-liquid into a small detachable pod. These pods are sometimes even disposable, making upkeep even easier but more expensive. Newer kits are starting to include replaceable coils (the part of the pod that eventually wears out) so by opting for this you can keep maintenance costs down in the long-run. 

Pod kits are ideal for first time vapers, as they are easy to use, clean and maintain. They are also great for those who are switching from smoking to vaping, as the action of using a pod kit is much like smoking a cigarette.

Vape Pen Kit

Diagram of vape pen

Vape pens offer a steady step up from pod kits in terms of customisation and potential vape performance. Once very popular, these kits make use of a vape tank rather than a pod, and offer the user the ability to swap out different components. Vape pens tend to be larger than pod kits due to their use of higher-powered removable batteries, but they are still very portable devices.

These kits are great for intermediate vapers looking to dabble in customising their vape and increasing flavour/vapour production. Indeed, vape pen kits are a great education tool for vapers who are eager to try larger kits. As these devices need a little more maintenance and require more vaping knowledge, we recommend moving onto vape pens after pod kits.

Box mod Kits

Diagram of vape mod

Box mod kits are larger, more potent devices which usually come accompanied by huge clouds of sweetly scented vapour. These devices are more advanced and offer superb features for more experienced sub-ohm vapers; allowing for more customisation and for vaping larger amounts of e-liquid.

There are a few safety concerns surrounding these larger kits, which are mostly undeserved. Box Mod kits make use of large batteries, made from the same compounds in a mobile phone battery. These are completely safe, but must be stored correctly away from metals such as keys. To make sure that these batteries do not overheat, always turn off sub-ohm devices when they are in your pocket. 

Box mod kits are ideal for people wanting to take vaping to the next level and really make a hobby out of it. By using high VG e-liquids, vapers can exhale massive clouds, which is not only a lot of fun, but also tastes divine!


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